Day Off

WE OFTEN PASS  this lovely temple going through the centre of Kyoto and when we heard that they hold a massive flea market on the 21st of every month we wanted to go look.

The  temple is called TOJI temple  and the actual market is known as  KOBO-san market and artisans and stall holders from all over gather to sell there wares. Kitano Tenmangu is also another famous shrine doing similar monthly markets. ( probably the same stall holders). Starts at sunrise and finishes around 4.30pm and is only a brisk 10 min walk from Kyoto station.

The 5 tiered pagoda itself is amazing with no nails in the construction and is surrounded by lovely gardens. There is an entrance fee I think of 500yen for the temple; the market is free.


Kokeshi dolls, bric a brac, kimonos, silk and linen materials, food stalls,  bonsai plants, pickled vegetables, swords, NOH masks, tools of all kinds etc; all at bargain prices with room to negotiate”

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